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Company profile

        The Company is the first professional high-quality silicon carbide manufacturer in Vietnam, which was jointly established by Prime Resources International Group Ltd (BVI), Haiduong SIC Joint Stock Company (Vietnam) and Golden Resources International Group Corporation (BVI) in July, 2011. Its chartered capital is VND 200 billion. Two silicon carbide production lines, i.e., 15000KVA and 18000KVA, have been constructed for the first phase of the project. The first phase annual production capacity shall break through the scale of 30,000 tons and annual output is about USD 36 million. 

        Predominating products of the Company are coal-based black and green silicon carbide crystalized materials and silicon carbide products. Design, construction and planning of the company’s production and operation are undertaken by Lanzhou Heqiao Resource Co., Ltd. of China, a key enterprise with much influence in the industry. The products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Indonesia and Taiwan. 

       Since its trial operation was started, the Company has established and carried out the ‘trinity’ realistic management system pursuant to the ISO9001: 2015/ISO 14001:2015/OHSAS 18001:2007 standards strictly. It has established a Quality Inspection Center according to high standards to ensure the stability and quality of the products effectively. Meanwhile, it carries out the company’s environmental protection and treatment measures and makes its best endeavor to create clean and safe production environment. 

       The company is located at Minh Tan Town, Kinh Mon County, Hai Duong Province, Vietnam. The company covers an area of 210mu (1mu=666.6m2), west to 80km of Hanoi and east to over 20km of the second largest port Haiphong Port in Vietnam. The company is next to Hanm River and owns water transport terminal which can accommodate 1000t-level freighter. The ship can directly reach Haiphong Port. So, transportation is very convenient.  

       Our strategy aims to cooperate with Vietnamese partner and jointly construct a stable company with sustainable development and create value through scale and diversification. We possess abundant professional techniques and management skills and operate our factory and process in the most effective way through systemic applications. The company will strive to give full play to global resource superiority in efficient manufacturing and environmental protection fields. 

       We hope to obtain long-term support of our clients and wish to make progress together with you, share our vision, get mutual benefits and create value jointly.