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Core elements

 Everything is from a new start 

 Everything is decided by the competitive power, human resources, technolgy anh management.


 Based on the innovation concept to create the cooperation culture, we insist to concentrate each step, coordinate the development of employees, customers, corporation and society, and based on the concept of “ whole enterprises , family and school” , we try to rise the skills of team, accomplish the strategy of company to create the Company’s development environment  with cohesiveness and harmony.


 [Core value]: create value for customers and grow jointly with customers 


 [Concept of the team]: coagulate different cultural background, various nationalities and different  groups constantly, focus on cultivation of local management teams and let different types of people generate the same voice at New He Qiao


 [Work concept]: concentrate on details and revere duties


 [Corporate spirit]: diligence, practical work, efficiency and innovation


 [Service concept]: use professional level to provide customized service for customers, satisfy customers’ requirements and exceed customers’ expectation and cultivate stable target market of the Company and customer loyalty.


 [Company goal]: build an industrial strong brand of New He Qiao