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Social Responsibility

 Social responsibility of NHQ

      NHQ fully performs its social responsibility in accordance with Social Accountability 8000, national laws and regulations. Besides, the company investigates conformance of various management systems, standardize social moral behavior standards and strives to establish favorable social image. The company has overall prohibited the following wrong conducts in relevant compulsory systems and made the following statement and commitment for employees and society. 

    Health and safety. NHQ has established the management system complying with OHSAS18001 occupational health management system, taken sufficient measures, reduced hazards in work to prevent accidents or occupational health damage and provided safe and healthy work environment for employees. In addition, the company passed examination and confirmation of Vietnamese national authentication center in 2014 and stated the management system of NHQ complied with OHSAS18001 occupational health management system. 

    Child laborers: NHQ prohibits employing child laborers, takes active part in education for local children and adolescents and sets up perfect financial aid policy for education.   

     Compulsive labor: NHQ prohibits any compulsive labor and stipulates that the company shall not require employees paying “guarantee deposit” or detaining identity document; 

     Right of freedom: NHQ respects all employees’ freedom of association and right of collective bargaining;

      Discrimination: NHQ fulfills such team idea that “different cultural backgrounds, different nationalities and different nations gather continuously to cultivate a local management team in which differ types of members make the same sound” and prohibits any discrimination in employment, remuneration, training and promotion; 

      Punitive measures: NHQ prohibits any management measure engaged in or supporting physical punishment, spiritual or physical coercion and verbal abuse.

     Working time and benefits: NHQ strictly executes provisions of Labor Law and all obligatory provisions including vacation, working time and overtime etc., legally performs and undertakes pension, medical treatment and other compulsory social insurance obligations. The working time per week does not exceed 48h and employees must have one-day off after every 7-day work. In principle, overtime is not required unless special conditions. Extra allowance will be paid for overtime according to national provisions. 

      Wage: NHQ promises the wage paid to employees is not lower than the minimum standard provided by laws and regulations and that the wage is paid fully per month. 

       Management system: NHQ promises to formulate company policy which complies with social responsibility and labor conditions. Meanwhile, NHQ will check it regularly and consciously accept inspection and audit of management organizations. Besides, NHQ makes the communication channel with employees though labor union and other organizations, and accepts employees’ supervision by employee representatives.