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Comprehensive inspection service

      Core principle of New He Qiao’s inspection is to provide reliable and independent inspection for customers and ensure each stage can reach high standards of contractual obligations and expectation. We have complete inspection devices that are leading in the industry and have the ability to perform inspection and service according to inspection standards of GB (China), SN (Commercial inspection of China), JIS (Japan) and FEPA (Europe). Besides, we can analyze physicochemical indexes for customers, such as SiC, F.C, Fe2O3, Al2O3, CaO, MgO, S, Si, SiO2, H2O, PH value, magnetic, stacking density, true density, gas hole ratio, water absorption and particle size distribution.. which can minimize risks for customers from different regions, markets and meets the requirements of contracts and all related laws and regulations.

      To realize New Heqiao’s inspection value, we have established long-term inspection cooperation with professional inspection bodies, for instance, SGS. As long as you need obtain better quality assurance, New Heqiao may provide more authoritative and more professional third party inspection.