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Visual identity system


 Shortened form

NHQ” is the sole shortened form of “New He Qiao Shareholdings Company”. 


 NHQ – Everything is from a new start

The implied meaning of his slogan is: 

     “NHQ” is naturally blended in the slogan, which achieves harmony and unity of slogan and company name. The slogan expresses the company vision and work requirements of NEQ as the first professional company producing SiC, i.e. everything is new; all work should innovate continuously so as to establish a brand-new modern company.  

 The profound connotation is: 

    Convey distinct company image and characteristics to customers, society and employees. In other words, all work will reflect changes and continuous innovation so that customers are full of new expectations and surprises for company products and services all the time. Meanwhile, employees and society can be filled with new expectations and surprises for company development, too. 

    Stocking to “product quality innovation, management innovation and service innovation” should become the common will and action of al employees.

    Slogan communication aims to make “everything is from a new start” become an important constituent part of company culture and make “innovation” become a new symbol of the company.