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Environmental protection idea of NHQ

      Environmental protection is the priority among priorities of NHQ. The main principle of environment protection management is that: production of SiC products is based on reducing bad effects on environment as far as possible. The company clearly perceives its important role and responsibility in national and global stable development. 

     The relationship among the task, objective, strategy and environmental protection policy of NHQ is explicitly confirmed in “environmental protection policy of NHQ”. This policy is a basic document of the company in environmental protection field. In accordance with “environmental protection policy”, NHQ should continuously decrease bad effects on environment in production process. 

    Internationally approved Environment management system ISO14000 series standards formulated by ISO/TC207 have become a compulsory objective of the company to establish cleaner production, reduce pollution and seek sustainable development. Besides, the company has made the statement that its management measures comply with ISO14001 standards.  

 NHQ carries out environmental protection activities based on the following principles: 

      Undertake the social responsibility for ensuring favorable ecological environment;

      Adopt the most advanced technology;

      Prevent environmental pollution;

      Cherish natural resources (water, soil and forest etc.);

      Reduce waste generation and accumulation;

      Make sure greening level reaches and exceeds national mandatory standard.