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Sustainable development plan

     We believe that New Heqiao can realize sustainable development and make achievable contributions to the industry and our clients in the future. 

      Our sustainable development strategy has been approved throughout the Company. We also make every effort to maximize positive influence of our business on the society and industry. Our employees’ enthusiasm for work may make us concentrate on serving better products and professional service for local communities, industry and clients in order to obtain better development opportunities. Our vision is:

      In the following three years, New He Qiao will insist on building super-upsizing furnaces and start its second-phase project construction. In detail, we will arrange and build two 30MVA super- upsizing furnaces, achieve 70,000 tons/ year newly increased capacity and 100,000 tons’ annual output. 

      The company will insist on diversified product development strategy, devote to developing various kinds of silicon carbide, such as coal-based or petroleum coke-based black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide, and provide more perfect products to serve our clients. 

        The company will reliably arrange the CO gas collection and utilization, which is not only a measure  to reduce carbon emission but also our vision to improve energy utilizing efficiency and low-carbon recycling development.

        We will also constantly introduce advanced technician to join our team in order to lead the cutting-edge technology of industrial development, extend industrial chain continuously, improve value-added products and cultivate our core technology and competitiveness.  

         Our medium and long-term vision is to work hard to plan, develop and market silicon carbide deep processing and silicon carbide products that are appropriate for high-end fields, for instance, for the advanced materials industry,  upgrade to high-tech-based enterprises so as to realize our vision of sustainable development.

         We hope this can make us have more stakeholders to share our achievements of sustainable development.