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Development potential and advantage

 The following factors constitute wide developing potential and unique advantages of New He Qiao:

     Sufficient land reserve. There are 8.5 hectares’ reserved construction land;

     Reliable power guarantee. There are 70MVA usable power idle capacity which was approved by the Vietnam Power Corporation;

     Professional management team. There are many professional staffs who are in charge of production, management and marketing. Professional talents and mature technology provides talent guarantee for the company’s sustainable development;

     High-quality raw material guarantee. “Hon Gai” belongs to Ha Long city, Quang Ninh provice Vietnam country is one of the main regions producing the highest quality anthracite in the world, which is called Hon Gai” anthracite. It constitutes the guarantee for raw materials to produce high-quality silicon carbide;

     Unique regional advantages. The distance from New He Qiao to Haiphong Port, Vietnam is 20 kilometers. Goods can be sent to Haiphong Port directly by water. It is very convenient in transportation;

     First-mover advantage: As the first high-quality silicon carbide manufacturer in Vietnam, its pioneer advantage is quite obvious. 

     Extensive international cooperation;

     Sufficient labor resources;

     Policy advantages.