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After-sale service

 Pre-sales service

 1.According to the need of customers, chose high quality materials and arrange production;

 2.Designed the best production processes.

 Sale service

1.The production processes strictly follow the quality management and inspection standard;

2.Following the shipping date of contract.

 After sales service

 1.Appoint our sales to follow the shipment and offer the inspection report with customer require;


2.Collecting the suggestion from our customers, periodically to improve our quality and achieve the expectation of customers;


3.We will response the customer complaint in two days when we received the information from our customers;


4.When it is suspected that products which disobey the company’s Criterion and disaccord with provisions of contracts are delivered, we will propose written reports or send reports to clients in the form of fax or e-mail actively to obtain clients’ suggestions.