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NHQ company's pre-festival condolences to workers of families in distress

        In the coming of 2019 Spring Festival, trade union representatives of NHQ visited and consoled workers families in need and expressed sincere Festival wishes. We wish the staff good health, good luck and family happiness in the New Year!

         According to the actual situation of the workers’ families, NHQ trade union visited and consoled five families, accompanied by gifts and condolences.

         Trade union representatives also had a heart to heart talk with the workers’ families, understanding their difficulties and encouraging employees to overcome the difficulties for pulling through as soon as possible. Workers and their families were deeply moved by the company's concern, and said that NHQ is a loving family for concerning about staff’s life, expressing their willing to work with the company and grow together in the New Year!

       This pre-festival visit reflected the company's concern to the workers in distress, meanwhile it is a promotion of traditional virtues "friendship and mutual assistance". NHQ carried out caring activities every year, which constitutes an indispensable part of company's culture.