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NHQ's New Year Event held solemnly

        In 2019, NHQ innovates the culture of annual meeting continuously and encourages all employees to start a new chapter in the New Year. We invite outstanding employees and group’s family members to participate in the annual meeting and share the glorious moment which belongs to advanced families, and express the company's gratitude to every family for their always support to the company's development.

       In the past year, with the devoted attention and support of the board of directors and shareholders, our 30 000 KVA new resistance furnace has been put into operation smoothly, which has realized an important turning point for the company's development and a key step for the company from backwardness, tracking to parallel, leading and surpassing. It indicates that company’s basement of long-term development path has been verified, and the trend of innovation has emerged.In 2019, the company will go ahead on our recognized road, planning technical transformation of the second 40,000 KVA new furnace carefully. We believe that the enterprise will achieve innovative development in the New Year.

       The award ceremony was held solemnly.The scene climax was repeated, The annual conference is sunny and upward, which fully demonstrates the good spiritual of unity, cultural integration and vigor between China and Vietnam in NHQ.