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New He Qiao Shareholdings Company held the first shareholders’ meeting in 2019

        On March 18, 2019, New He Qiao Shareholdings Company held the first annual shareholders' meeting. The chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Guo attended in the meeting and instructed the work deployment of 2019. Other members of the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the main leaders of the company also participated in the meeting.

        The participants debriefed the work report of 2018, set targets for the production and sales work of 2019, reviewed and came agreement with relevant resolutions.

        The participants fully affirmed the work of management team in the past year, objectively analyzing the changes of internal and external environment in 2019, especially the business risks we will face. Overcome the difficulties will depend on the enterprise itself ultimately. Every department and staff should make effort to do their work well every day.

        The chairman of the board also emphasized that the company's management group must do the following work well: firstly, we should guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment in the production process; secondly, we should strengthen environmental management, paying attention to the protection of the environment and personnel in the production process; thirdly, we should increase the sales volume, especially the European market after the company has obtained REACH certificate.

       The general manager, Mr. Huo Shengjiu made up his mind on behalf of the management group and believed that we will successfully complete the tasks assigned by the board of directors with the joint efforts of all staff  in 2019.